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Even though he’s done a lot of things in the marriage that were the ultimate no-no, you know what? We don’t confuse things for him, but know that he still has both parents.” For the record, despite their long-lasting estrangement, Cole and Gibson are still not divorced.

Divorce papers haven’t been fully signed last time we checked and one can’t help but wonder if Gibson living at home with his family might facilitate some sort of reconciliation.

Keyshia Cole is gonna pay dearly for attacking a woman in Birdman's L.

Sabrina Mercadel had sued Keyshia for the 2014 incident, where she had gone to Birdman's West L. Kesyhia's lawyer, Shawn Holley, was in Santa Clarita court Monday morning, arguing…

But if you’re hoping to see Keyshia with a special lady on her arm anytime soon, then you can keep on waiting.

During a recent interview with While Keyshia did decline to say if she has experimented with women in the past — saying “that’s really intrusive. I’m really speaking about myself,” Keyshia explained, adding, “When me and my ex-husband broke up, I didn’t have anybody to depend on sexually and in general.”“It’s about self-love to me.

Nickelback is a Canadian rock band formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada.

This recording also featured Tyler Connolly, Mike Kroeger, Matt Cameron, and Jeremy Taggart.He claims that someone “threw a cake” on a Rolls Royce, but aimed for the wrong vehicle: READ: The Internet Thinks Bow Wow And Keyshia Cole Are Dating…READ: Keyshia Cole Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting A Woman At Birdman’s Penthouse Bow Wow’s friend Wack Star, was a little less cryptic, calling Cole out directly while posting a photo of the vehicle in question.Keyshia Cole’s marriage to husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson isn’t even officially over (you know, since he won’t file the divorce papers since he’s a Christian) yet there are already rumors of the Compton songstress thinking about switching things up by dating women.Keyshia’s admitted on her new upcoming album, Furthering speculations of a lesbian romance is prompted by Keyshia’s new song, “She”, which depicts what sounds like one woman detailing an affair with another.

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