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Plates include both oceanic crust and continental crust.

Stable subduction zones involve the oceanic lithosphere of one plate sliding beneath the continental or oceanic lithosphere of another plate due to the higher density of the oceanic lithosphere.

I know that alot of guys don't like that or intimidated by them.

As a guy who competes in weightlifting, bb, and other physical sports I would love to meet someone who understands the lifestyle. Gyms here are guys , wives and kids - and I don't like using the gym to pick up.

At that point, the density of the oceanic crust increases and provides additional negative buoyancy (downwards force).

It is at subduction zones that Earth's lithosphere, oceanic crust, sedimentary layers and some trapped water are recycled into the deep mantle.

During the transition from basalt to eclogite, these hydrous materials break down, producing copious quantities of water, which at such great pressure and temperature exists as a supercritical fluid.

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Its very hard to find athletic women, female bodybuilders ,powerlifters ,etc.

I tried fitness singles - great site, but very few profiles in the south. where most people are into fitness and exercise, even I rarely if ever see a bodybuilding woman. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

Am the only guy attracted to this type exclusively? I have not seen a "bodybuilding" woman at any crossfit gym.

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  2. In most cases, women ask for financial assistance from men they met on the site due to various reasons like a family member getting sick, an opportunity abroad that they would love to take but can’t afford the expenses, funds for education and more.