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One thing is clear: Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan is a villain TV audiences are going to love to loathe. Just About Everything to do with Beth The character of Beth Greene was more or less created by the TV writers from the whole cloth—unlike in many other cases, her personality and characteristics weren’t clearly based on a different comic character. In the comics, Herschel has quite a few kids—Maggie, but also Shawn, Billy, Lacey, Rachel and Susie.All but Maggie are killed in one way or another by the time the group leaves the prison, along with Herschel himself.As someone who’s read every page of the comic and seen every minute of the TV series, I’ll be your guide in pointing out the differences and opining on which medium handled each instance better. Stone Cold Carol Peletier Carol, as a character, has the single largest deviation in her comics arc to her television show character, and it’s odd in the sense that the rift doesn’t really develop until we find out that she was the one who killed prison residents Karen and David before burning their bodies to stop the spread of disease.Before this, Carol hews fairly closely to the meek former housewife she is in the comics, a much-younger victim of spousal abuse who tends to be dependent on others.Spoiler Alert: I want to be absolutely clear here: This piece is going to be chock-full of spoilers.

She saves the entire group from certain death in Terminus, routinely takes on men twice her size and lectures anyone who will listen on how hard one needs to become to survive this world.

Instead, that idea was seemingly passed on to Merle, who could appear in a much more limited fashion with his knife-hand before dying for good.

For a moment or two in season 6, however, it almost seemed like a one-handed Rick might come to pass, as Rick badly cut/injured the hand while on the road, running from both walkers and The Wolves.

As is often the case with the TV series, the writers took personality traits and events from elsewhere in the source material and applied them to Tyreese, leaving the audience unsure of what would happen to him.

In the comics, Tyreese plays a bigger role earlier on, being one of the first members to join the Grimes Gang.

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