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Grandma was visiting, and she loves to play Sudoku. I want to get the Android versions super rock solid --rob Wow!!! Which basically killed network multiplayer for a lot of us. Bingo Classic will print out MILLIONS of unique Bingo Cards!Every morning, I made her coffee and printed out one of these Sudoku games. But Grandma's always say everything you do is great. --rob Like i said before, i Message apps are pretty darn cool. Remember if you get a Game CEnter error:2 or 6, just log out of Game Center and log back in. Turn the phone back on 2) Go into Settings, and find i Message. if you google "ios9 game center", you can read all the fun. Hook the i Phone to your TV and it will just call out the numbers! There are THREE different cables that will connect your i Phone,i Pod Touch or i Pad to a TV, HD TV , Computer Monitor or Projector.

* No way to recharge your i Phone, i Pod Touch or i Pad. If you are playing a long time, your batteries may drain. Any Apple Store, Best Buy or Fry's Electronics will carry all these cables. COM - Composite AV Cable .00 Here are a bunch of FREE Travel and Road Trip Bingo cards for your kids, family and friends!If you find yourself in that frustrating situation, here is what you can do to fix it and get the i Phone, i Pod, or i Pad syncing with i Tunes on a Mac or PC again.We’re going to cover a variety of troubleshooting tricks to fix the syncing problem here, try each in descending order until the problem is resolved. So if you changed your i Tunes account, the apps on your device do not match their previous authorization. If you like the apps, just email and say "nice app" or "good job".. Network World Wide Multiplayer with Farkle Addict is on fire! I wrote up a document to help those getting started with Game Center. If you have ANY questions on Game Center, please feel free to email me! And ill help you in any way i can to get you hooked up. If you, or your friends have Android devices, please download all our Android apps and perform some tests. There are SOOO many different Android devices that is hard to test them all. If you can not connect to players in Game Center, or have issues purchasing anything, it could be that the Apple servers are down. If you are not authorized to use the app, it will just close out quickly. But there are those (a lot of you), who do not know what Game Center is, and you are missing out on a lot of fun.

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--rob I always played Sudoku, but always enjoyed it more on paper than on an app. Once we make the Android version rock solid, we will start bringing all the i OS and Android players together in network multiplayer! Try the steps above again Now you have TONS of memory, and all your apps magically work! DOWNLOAD IT NOW FOR FREE ON ITUNES We love playing Bingo with the family!

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