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Still though, it was Stefan's most pleasant drowning to date. Not because the roommate had been brutally murdered, but mostly because the roommate had had a picture of Elena's dad on her cell phone. These ladies should know by now that anytime there's a suspicious incident or hints of a secret society, getting involved will only lead to, months down the line, some climactic, over-the-top, catastrophic showdown with a powerful supernatural being and one or more of their closest friends or family will be murdered forever. Let some other gang of monsters get caught up in it? While it made me laugh that we finally saw Elena attend a class and it wasn't even one she was enrolled in or taking seriously in any way, it still seemed so harsh when the professor kicked her out for not knowing ANYTHING about ANYTHING. So then Silas showed up on campus and it was the first time Elena had laid eyes on Stefan or Stefan-like dudes in months.

In addition to the usual amounts of suspense and excitement, wasn't it also very hilarious? Maybe that's just a sign that things are still lighthearted and aren't yet as nightmarish as they probably will become later, but what an enjoyable hour of television. The episode began with a brief acknowledgment that Bonnie had just witnessed the slaughter of her own father.We as viewers are done with those things and it's delightful to realize that the writers seem to be very done with those things also.Of course, one could argue that this show also sometimes jumps the gun and ends plotlines prematurely (Lexi's existence comes to mind), but that's a fair tradeoff if it keeps the twists churning.And sure, maybe it's not exactly batting a thousand (which is a baseball euphemism that means "full intercourse") when it comes to successful plotlines, but considering it wrings four seasons' worth of story out of each season it airs, this show's success rate is astonishingly high.Let's see, how do I give examples of this show's psychic abilities without seeming too negative? It's almost like the show realized she was a waste of time and just called it a day?

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Problem Child (air date: 2017-06-29) Alex tries to help patient who hurt himself breaking into a house; a friend of Dr.

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