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See also Genre Savvy (which doesn't involve the Fourth Wall) and No Fourth Wall.

See also End-of-Series Awareness and Screen Tap; specific subtropes. ' asked Tails, who had joined them by the ailing rabbit.

'Well normally, yes' Sonic agreed, 'but at the moment we're characters in a book.

Look, this talk is all getting very complicated, and we've got a real problem to deal with here.' Several members run to window and look out. Cut to studio: the members run to a door and open it.

He ranged across the province while serving with the Brigade Reconnaissance Force and was armed with an L115A3 rifle which has an effective range of over 1,200 yards.Left the Background Music On is a specific inversion.Fourth-Wall Observer is what happens when a particular character has this on full-time and the rest do not.His actual total of kills could be far higher, sources told the Sun.One source told the newspaper: "Only people inside the community know about his incredible contribution — but young recruits are in awe of him.

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Generally, this awareness is brief; it's used for a joke or two and then never mentioned again.

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