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will groom legaltech startups, incubate new business models or services conceived by law firms Singapore is taking the lead to digitally transform its legal sector.Come April, the country will be home to South-east Asia's first legaltech accelerator. , it aims to groom legaltech startups as well as incubate new business models or services conceived by law firms.But it has its benefits, including a greater focus, discipline in key performance indicators and the ability to create new revenue streams.Notably, the law firms that have carved out dedicated tech arms are mostly the big ones.It will comprise 10 MPs - seven from the ruling People's Action Party, one from the WP, one Nominated MP (NMP) and the committee leader, Deputy Speaker Charles Chong.Forming a Select Committee to examine a policy is a rarely used parliamentary procedure.Forming a Select Committee will allow for broad dialogue, and for Singaporeans to hear directly from experts as well as voice their own concerns or suggestions, he added.

I think a part robot, part human being solution is what could emerge from the programme." Mr Mason added that Singapore is well placed to lead efforts in legaltech, given that it is an economic and commercial hub. If Singapore were to pick a few sectors to compete on, law jumps out." On Wednesday, SAL signed two Memorandums of Understanding with the Singapore Management University (SMU) and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

This comes down to how a firm organises people to change the way they are doing things.

Lawyers should think about what they are doing, and apply their own ideas.

Basileios Drolias, chief operating officer at UK-based legaltech startup my Lawyer, said that a mindset change among lawyers - particularly in the way that they "face tech" - will be key to ensuring Flip's success.

He told a panel discussion at the launch event: "Lawyers are not exactly technophobes. They are not keen to do a small amount of work to push them over a little hump.

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Shanmugam who also submitted a Green Paper on the issue.

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