Polish speed dating

At Warsaw Social Group we host a lot of events, but it is sometimes hard to get an opportunity to speak with everyone in the room, so lets change that 🙂 Warsaw Social is hosting its very first FREE English speaking speed dating event.

Speeding dating is just a universal term, but the aim of this event is to connect English speakers within Warsaw.

Even if you have limited time to spare for casual meetings, speed dating requires you to invest no more than a couple of hours to meet and connect with 20 singles in your area.

Once you have spoken with somebody, you can mark on your form if you’d like to share your details with this person.

If both people agree to share their details with each other then Warsaw Social will email both parties with their given details.

Let’s explore how it works: Let’s face it, by now you are probably convinced (rightly so! We all face the problem of determining just how to meet the right person who is sincere and serious about commitment.

You could rely on blind dates set up by a friend, dating services online, or getting lucky at a bar or party.

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