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And yet, despite all those messages, all those swipes, all those carefully plotted lines of code … But when he looked at his low match rates — the average guy’s is just .6 percent — he despaired that no amount of manual swiping would generate enough matches to really find anyone.

So, last summer, he built an application to automate the process: swipe right on prospective matches; schedule coffee dates with those who responded; even compile the women’s answers, with their pictures, phone numbers and profile information, into a daily email for him to skim.

In online profiles and personal ads, women tend to list more rules and requirements for the kind of guys they want to meet — roughly one and a half times as many, according to one 2005 study.

Men are more likely to accept date invitations from strangers; they almost always send the opening email or message.

That study, which my colleague Jeff Guo wrote about last week, found that because women are vastly more selective with their right-swipes, men have to engage a lot more women to get the same number of matches.

In fact, to get the same number of dating opportunities as a straight woman does, a straight guy would have to swipe right on almost 18 times as many profiles as she did.

“Ideally, this would be personalized.” That doesn’t lend itself to Tinder spam.

Stadil, for one, has learned his lesson — although he doesn’t consider his experiment a total failure.

Having read in several places about skewed Male: Female sex ratios on online dating sites, i thought I’d do a little experiment and try counting them myself.But by allowing men to take this indiscriminate approach to its logical extremes, Tinder definitely may have heightened or exaggerated them.Meanwhile, ladies have to become even more selective to get through their inboxes.By “people,” of course, he actually means straight men.Tyson can’t say for sure what the best Tinder strategy for those men is.

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Unlike him, however, the engineer wasn’t looking for anything serious.

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