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Dion, Berscheid & Walster presented male and female participants with photos of men and women from a college yearbook and asked to rate the pictured individuals on a number of traits.

The photos had previously been rated as attractive, average and unattractive.

The problem is accentuated further when one considers that the majority of anatomical novelties unique to aquatic cetaceans (Pelagiceti) appeared during just a few million years — probably within 1-3 million years.

Until recently, the whale series, going from Pakicetus (53 mya) to Dorudon and Basilosaurus (38 mya) has looked something like this: More recently, however, a jawbone was discovered that belonged to a fully aquatic whale dating to 49 million years ago, only four million years after ) first appear.

Several studies have shown that attractive males are often those with slightly feminised faces.

According to Penton-Voak & David Perrett (2000), men with feminised faces are perceived to be more honest, more sensitive and likely to make better parents.

Penton-Voak’s research at the University of St Andrew’s has discovered that the pattern of female attraction to male faces changes according to a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Based at the University of St Andrews and working in conjunction with colleagues in Japan, Perrett used computers to alter faces so that they appeared more masculinised or more feminised.

When participants in both Scotland and Japan were asked to rate the ‘faces’, they judged the more feminised to be the more attractive.

Langlois & Roggman have suggested that the appeal of the average face is that we see it or faces like it more often than we see extremes of attractiveness or non-attractiveness – so we are more familiar and comfortable with it. However, Cellerino found that when average female faces were enhanced to be more ‘childlike’ – reflecting high levels of oestrogen – they were deemed to be more attractive.

wide cheekbones & narrow cheekbones also attractive – Michael Cunningham 1986 indicates high levels of oestrogen – A Cellerino (2003) Cellerino argues that humans have evolved to have a preference for baby features because this ensures that we take care of our young, A team of researchers in Liverpool and Poland analysed the records of 3201 Polish men aged between 20 and 60.

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