Mcafee bad catalog when updating

Recently found out few clients that what were not communicating back to the EPO server and not receiving updates.

On one of the systems affected: I manually removed the old agent, loaded the new agent and then performing the auto update I will get the error message below: Before jumping into any conclusion and start messing around with the EPO server.

It’s due to expire in three days anyway, and in my testing I haven’t seen it do anything to justify a -a-year (discounted) price tag.

So instead of troubleshooting, I visited Control Panel and removed the Mc Afee software.

And that was just the latest in a long line of screw-ups.

See A pox on Mc Afee (2004), and the comments on this post (2007), and this post about Mc Afee’s sloppy response to the Conficker worm (2009).

(They carry some Dells, but not the 15-inch Inspiron.) The Microsoft Signature option, with “no trialware or sample software that can slow your PC” and Microsoft Security Essentials installed, would have been a real treat.

It’s one of the quietest PCs I’ve ever owned, impressively fast, and at 0 from the Dell Outlet it was an unbeatable bargain.Over the years, when I’ve had to deal with Mc Afee products, I have been known to unleash torrents of invective that would make a pirate blush.But I also know from experience that companies and products can change, and it’s important that I take a fresh look every so often to ensure that my conclusions are based on current evidence.After a reboot, I opened Media Center and had no trouble tuning in to every available channel. Both of these PCs were Dell consumer PCs, and in both cases what should have been a pleasant out-of-box experience was made needlessly difficult because of Mc Afee’s intrusive software.The Remote Assistance issue in particular is one that just should not have happened. A Windows security program should know how to deal with it right out of the box, not block it silently.

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