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That interview quickly took a turn however, with the woman claiming that Rose appeared in 'an untethered robe' soon after she arrived and tried to stick his hand down the front of her pants.She began meeting with Rose in 2009 about a possible job, noting that these always seemed to occur in unconventional settings like a dinner with his friends and once a weekend lunch.The women who have come forward with these claims about Rose, 75, were all between the ages of 21 and 37 at the time of the alleged misconduct and working for the legendary television host.

An intern working for Rose 10 years later claimed that he groped her breasts while also trying to get her to spend the night at his Bellport home on Long Island.'Then, late last week I was read excerpts of transcripts from the other women.Though many came before me, some women were attacked violently and repeatedly after the time I worked there.One, who worked for Rose in the early 90s, said she was summoned to work the desk at his New York home, where he would shower and use the bathroom with the door open.She claims that at one point he turned on the shower and immediately began calling her name.

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