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I like this game a lot because it is not too easy or too hard it is just right and the graphics are amazing. All Animations, Graphics and Gameplay is just perfect.But there are so many other things I could say too but I don`t have time to make a list but It is one of my favorites and I give it a 8 out of 10. Overall pretty nice game, got all the endings except for #1 obviously because we know how that is (fail means you lose lol). Does make you guess the right choice often, but pretty easy to pick up. Morning/Midday: Tutor until Science is 55 Evening: If Fitness is at 55, write a short story for money, 4. i played it over and over again to get all 3, and all 3 sex scenes were amazing, reiko had the sexiest body and Kendras blowjob scene was absoultey perfect.Excellent game great game, love the japanese girl and (with that) cosplay option in the game.took a while to figure out how to get them all in 1 play, when i finally figured it out i saw it was posted in the comments too The hardest person to get to go with a holiday was Naomi. Kendra took me 3 times and Reiko was first time lucky.I enjoyed the sex scenes and the gameplay, though I was sort of hoping that the storylines would cross each other and give us a threesome or something... And love how is it full of references to the other games- I believe I figured most (if not all) of them..

i also been able to complete with nicole finally after many tries. Its a hard game but I thinks first u should score passing marks after that you should talk to any of the beauty.

Each game was going to be different since it takes a while to build up the points of each girl, so I just concentrated on 1 each time I played. Similiar to Jordan 500 and Naomi kinda reminds you of Jordan with the blonde hair, out of all the girls liked Kendra the best. Personally found Kendra the best, though definite points for Reiko. Morning/Midday: Workout at gym until you get 25 fitness. Do this a total of THREE times only, but make sure you do three! Morning/Midday: After 25 fitness, work on science until it`s 25, then culture until it`s 25. Morning/Midday: Drama Classes until Culture is 55 Evening: write a short story for money. Though you may need to know, Reiko doesn`t come in until after a few days, and she`ll leave early if she isn`t happy! you only have 30 days, and that`s not enough time for all of them. her stare was beautiful, and Naomi was also gorgeous.

Maybe because she was more "realistic" like some say and you know if you don`t get Reiko points up fast she gone and you stuck but Naomi is the hardest it seems, typical high maintainence popular cheerleader lol. It`s fantastic as is, of course, but that would make it even better. The only issue I had with it was when you screwed up and had to start over from the beginning this game can take a while to complete. This is where you have to improvise a good bit, depending on who you`re courting. Reiko - 10/10 Kendra - 9.5/10 Naomi - 9/10 All in all, super awesome game! It took a lot of work to get a girl - not a bad message! I think its best to concentrate on the gym and swag as you can earn more money as a bouncer and can guarantee a girl will be there every night, but I am still learning this one, after many attempts Girls: 8 Gameplay: 6 Sex: 7 Overall: 7 The sex scenes were too much pixel hunting, which I don`t like.

Here is important guide about it: Relationship level: 0-4 A really nice game ! Better follow the walkthrough if you want to get the three as once ! Kendra is hotter and the ending is great, getting into a threeway.

Naomi is the hottest, the all black outfit that hugs every curve & blonde hair awesome.

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