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But how do you know if your partner is the kind of person who can be trusted?

There are three cues that point to the fact that a person is trustworthy.

It’s impossible to leave a serious relationship or go through a divorce without some negative feelings toward the ex-partner.

But to build trust with a new person you need to let go of any strong feelings toward a previous relationship or ex.

My advice to Fran and others: Understand what trust means and why it’s important, ask yourself two questions about whether trust can develop in your relationship, and then try some trust building exercises with your partner, assuming both partners are committed to the process. It needs to be present for the relationship to flourish and go forward!

When you trust someone, you believe that person tells you the truth, won’t hurt or deceive you, and has your best interests at heart.

“I try desperately to convince him I love him, am committed to him, and will always be there for him.

For my client Fran, her fiancé George was still very angry that his ex-wife had divorced him several years ago.

These two things will determine whether it’s possible for trust to grow in your relationship.

You and your partner must ask yourselves this same question.

This sharing makes you feel closer and more connected to your partner.

In my long-term study of marriage, I asked the happiest couples to name their most important relationship expectation.

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