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She agrees to cure him, and cancels date plans with Wade.After Zoe "cures" George of his sleepwalking, they talk and Zoe tells George that she is seeing someone, who she has real feelings for, and that he should do the same.Meanwhile, George goes a date with Shelby (Laura Bell Bundy), a woman from out of town.Upon hearing about George's date, Lemon has a "girls' night out" with Annabeth, where she meets an attractive dentist named Walt Blodgett.However, Lemon has no experience with living on her own and she ends up, of all places, at Zoe's house to ramble on about her life.The townspeople mistakenly think that Lemon intends to hurt Zoe after seeing her enter holding a cake knife, and George and Wade get into a fistfight over Zoe.Lavon and Annabeth start a fake relationship so Lavon can get major votes from a (big) family who are rivals of Lavon's alma mater.

Zoe decides to get back at Wade by going out on a date with Ruby's cousin Zack to make Wade jealous.Elsewhere, George deals with Shelby's continuing neediness when she shows up at his place after thinking he's invited her over for a dinner date when in fact he wants to break up with her.Zoe finds out that George has been sleepwalking into her bedroom.Distraught after learning that her old medical school has listed her occupation as "retired", Zoe tries to get published by her medical alumni magazine to show that she is still in the medical business.When Tom walks in the office with a strange rash, Zoe suspects it may be leprosy, and enlists Wade to help her capture an armadillo on Crazy Earl's property.

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Hart of Dixie follows the story of New York surgeon Dr.

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