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I don't know how much of the story she was getting, but she was all attention. I suppose I expected to be a soldier and carry a gun.

A half hour later, Annabelle and I were seated in front of the TV in the family room, watching Cinderella. After basic, they found me one pointless position after another.

A person who has an amazing vocabulary, but uses the word "NO" to the exclusion of all the rest. The fact that a woman was driving was just the last clue — I knew it was wrong the moment I first saw it. My career took off, but I do not believe those in command approved of me. He let me know it when he called me one day with a problem. Three crippled West Point assholes later, along with a well-satisfied enlisted person, I had reached the peak of my Army career. I went to work for the railroad as a security officer supervisor. I began looking for the perfume and there it was, front and center on her dresser. I carry just your basic cell phone provided by my employer, but she had an i Phone.

It was Saturday evening, and I was bathing my daughter with the help of Mr. One night we detained some fellows trying to boost Plasma TVs from container cars in the rail yard. There were a dozen perfume bottles, but this one was new. My wife had gone out allegedly with the girls, but dressed for seduction. I didn't want to spring for a replacement plan in case the i Phone was lost, so instead I'd installed 'find my i Phone' on her phone. Judge Leonard Simpel, a recent appointment to the federal bench.

Moreover, he had an aura about him that to another male said 'arrogant and weak.' I didn't like the way he had looked at my wife, and I told her so. She must have changed in the closet because she emerged in an old terry cloth bathrobe.

Then left the bedroom to go down the hall to the bathroom. Exiting the bedroom, I went to the door of the bathroom and turned the handle, but my ever-cautious wife had locked the door.

The women who crowded Mario's loved Ben and his playing.

He had concert piano ambitions but played any gig he could get. He would be playing sad love songs by the time the evening was over.

The Judge was killed exiting his front door about p.m., and the porch lights would have exposed the killer to Simpel's view.Whoever had shot Simpel wanted to be seen by the victim."He wanted the man to know who was shooting," Tom thought.___________________________________________ Special Agent Thomas Mac Pierce of the FBI was a seasoned veteran. This is my new partner, Sheila Marks," Tom said, and then with a wave of his hand, "Lt. "And you," Connie said to Sheila before turning to Mac Pierce, "Sorry to hear about your marriage." She was not sorry, but it's the kind of thing you're expected to say. The killing of a sitting judge was no standard matter, so Tom thoroughly inspected the scene with Connie. There was no reason for the FBI to intervene in any way with her investigation, so Tom would take his inquiry in a different direction.Divorced from his wife of eighteen years with two children, he was approaching retirement. She was not a lot to look at, but smart and had military experience. Judge Simpel had been a DA, and as a jurist had the reputation of being a harsh law and order man.

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She makes a six figure income, and we have a cleaning service, but she is a fastidious person who needs everything just so and in its proper place. The division of labor in our house has definitely changed to reflect that fact. I put it down to the need to catch up with friends after being tied down with an infant. I shut the TV off and just sit there with my sleeping princess wrapped in my arms. I was seventeen when I joined the Army to be: "All you can be." However, I was not what the Army wanted. I had a high school diploma, and acceptable if not impressive grades. They sat me down and explained that I had no aptitude, I wasn't actually good for anything. It was, in fact, an impossible task to perform by the book.

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