Facebook calendar not updating blackberry calender

Outgoing mail is generally pushed from the sender to the final mail delivery agent (and possibly via intermediate mail servers) using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

If the receiver uses a polling email delivery protocol, the final step from the last mail delivery agent to the client is done using a poll.

Email clients include smartphones and, less strictly, IMAP personal computer mail applications.

Helio began adding support to its "ultimate inbox" powered by m Fluent LLC for push email to the Helio Ocean in July 2007 with support for Yahoo! On April 23, 2008 push support was added for Gmail, along with automatic notifications for POP and IMAP services.

Microsoft began offering real-time email notification with Windows Mobile 2003 (sending SMS messages when new mail arrived), then replaced it with a simulated push experience (long polling) in 2007 with the release of Windows Mobile 5 AKU2 under the name "Direct Push Technology".

For example, a user with a laptop on a Wi-Fi connection may be assigned different addresses from the network DHCP server periodically and have no persistent network name.

When new mail arrives to the mail server, it does not know what address the client is currently assigned.

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