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His records cover most intensely the Shiraz-Persepolis area and Isfahan, with an important bird’s-eye view of the city center, and by their authenticity considerably add to the information about 17th-century Persia.He seems to have been the first to use the term cuneiform to describe the Persepolis inscriptions.His description of Babylon and other historical sites, however, has little scientific value.The same is true for the reports of Hans Christoph von Teufel and Georg Christoph Fernberger, who traveled across Persia from Hormuz to the northwest via Isfahan in 15 (Gabriel, pp. With the consolidation of Safavid rule, visits of Europeans to Persia, including Germans, increased dramatically.Heinrich von Poser, a well-educated Silesian, traveled in Persia between 16.He passed through Julfa, Tabrīz, and Solṭānīya on his way to Isfahan and continued via ʿAqdā, Torkābād, and Yazd, where he reported on the Zoroastrian population and buildings.The first German traveler who came to Persia with clearly scientific ambitions was Engelbert Kaempfer from Lemgo.He went to Isfahan in 1683-84 as the physician and secretary of the Swedish embassy sent to Shah Ṣafī II in another unsuccessful attempt to open a trade route via Russia.

A German translation of the chapter on Isfahan by Walter Hinz appeared in 1940.In Shiraz, he observed a ruined mountain fortress, most probably the Qalʿa-ye Pahandar or Šāh Mobāḏ, overlooking the tomb of Saʿdī, which has now completely vanished.His description of Persepolis documents the mythological interpretation of the site then prevailing in Persia.Olearius also edited the travel accounts of Jürgen Andersen, who, after being shipwrecked off the Chinese coast, came into Manshu and Mongol captivity in 1647, seeing and describing the Great Wall of China.He escaped to Samarkand and Mašhad, served in the Persian army under Shah ʿAbbās II in Isfahan, traveled in Persia from Erivan to Hormuz, and took part in the Persian campaign in Afghanistan before returning to Europe via Baghdad (then identified with Babylon), Jerusalem, and Alexan dretta (Eskandarūn) in 1650.

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