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The Marathon-Ouachita-Appalachian-Variscan cordillera, which stretched through central Texas, around Arkansas, up through the Appalachian Mountains and eventually into eastern Europe, occurred when the supercontinents Pangea and Laurussia collided to form Pangea in the late Paleozoic ≈300 Ma.

The zone of deformation known as the Ouachitas marks a zone of weakness that was exploited when the Gulf of Mexico opened about 165 Ma, in Jurassic time.

A simulated-color satellite image of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, taken by NASA's Landsat 7 satellite. The geology of the DFW Metroplex consists of gently tilted sediments of mostly Cretaceous age, which also obscures a much older geologic record.

Dallas makes up much of the right half of the urbanized area. Sediments older than Cretaceous can only be found at the surface in the extreme western part of the DFW Metroplex, in the area around Weatherford, Texas.

New lithosphere is made when hot material beneath ocean ridges is brought to the surface by these cells.

As the new lithosphere moves horizontally away from the ridges, the new crust added to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic caused the continents of North America and South America to be moved apart.

We know of these today as the Arbuckle mountains, despite the fact that they are far from what the untrained eye would consider a former vast mountain range.Significant deposits of hydrocarbons such as natural gas have economic importance as is seen in formations like the Barnett Shale.Pangea started to break up during the Triassic ≈225Ma.The dispersal of extra magma warmed the water in the ocean, and was a conducive environment for calcareous-shelled organisms, which eventually died and sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor creating thick deposits of limestone.In addition to the displacement of water, an increase in injected magma raised CO₂ levels to around 2-6 times the current level.

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