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Visits to Dents Glove Factory Museum, where members saw many historic examples of Dents gloves and heard how they still make traditional high quality leather gloves in their award-winning modern factory, and to the Museum at Warminster Library for a virtual tour of the town.

After lunch they visited the Robey Trust site at New Perseverance Ironworks, Tavistock.

Major schemes have continued in the 200 years since.

In 1793 the City approved a massive scheme to dig The New Cut, including the Cumberland and Bathurst Basins, Feeder Canal and Netham Dam, thus creating the Floating Harbour.

Now tide-locked without an ebb and flow, there was soon a need to remove the River Fromes polluted waters.

Wages were good, but the work involved long hours, danger and illness.

Dr Maule showed vivid illustrations of the explosions and devastation that occurred.

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Winston Churchill, as First Lord of the Admiralty, insisted that the navy had its own supply of cordite, and Holton Heath on Poole Harbour was chosen as the site for a new factory. Biochemist Chaim Weizmann had developed a process to make acetone through bacterial fermentation, although a national collection of horse-chestnuts was required when supplies of available grain became inadequate for the quantity of starch needed for fermentation.

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