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Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain received unusually enthusiastic advance reviews prior to its French premiere in the spring of 2001, and was well received at a special free screening at that year's Cannes Film Festival.  Jean-Pierre Jeunet - Director / Screenwriter Claudie Ossard - Producer Arne Meerkamp Van Embden - Producer Guillaume Laurant - Screenwriter / Dialogue Writer Bruno Delbonnel - Cinematographer Yann Tiersen - Composer (Music Score) Herve Schneid - Editor Aline Bonetto - Production Designer / Set Designer Volker Schaefer - Art Director Antoine Simkine - Executive Producer Sylvie Bello - Costume Designer Vronique Elise - Costume Designer Madeline Fontaine - Costume Designer Emma Lebail - Costume Designer Vincent Arnardi - Sound/Sound Designer / Sound Mixer Sophie Chiabaut - Sound/Sound Designer Guillaume Leriche - Sound/Sound Designer Jean Umansky - Sound/Sound Designer Nathalie Tissier - Makeup Jean-Baptiste Bonetto - Special Effects Nol Chainbaux - Special Effects Yves Domenjoud - Special Effects Oliver Gleyze - Special Effects Daniel Lenoir - Special Effects Thierry Reymoneno - Special Effects Les Versaillais - Special Effects Edouard Dubois - Consultant/advisor Rmi Canaple - Stunts Patrick Cauderlier - Stunts Pascaline Girardot - Stunts Jean-Claude Lagniez - Stunts Sbastien Seveau - Stunts Pierre-Jacques Benichou - Casting Valerie Espagne - Casting Matthieu Bastid - First Assistant Camera Cavalier Bleu - Executive Music Producer Veronique Boitout - Hair Styles Stphane Bourdon - Technical Advisor Thomas Brgge - Electrician Bruno Calvo - Still Photographer Alain Carsoux - Digital Effects / Visual Effects Supervisor Olivier Cazzitti - Electrician Kenneth Cornils - Grip Nicolas Davy - Assistant Location Manager Patrick De Ranter - Steadicam Operator Jean Marc Deschamps - Production Supervisor Cline De Seynes - Post Production Assistant Luc Desportes - Storyboard Robert Dona - Grip Bruno Dubet - Key Grip Duboi - Digital Effects / Visual Effects Supervisor Eric Duchene - Assistant Location Manager Claudia Dummer-Manasse - Production Assistant Alberte Garo - Extra Casting Marc Grewe - Production Supervisor Gerard Hardy - Sound Editor Marilena Cavola Hardy - Assistant Sound Editor Petra Klimek - Assistant Art Director Yves Kohen - Electrician Daniel Kolarov - Assistant Art Director Laurent Kossayan - Sound Effects Director Vlasta Kostic - Electrician Kerstin Krotz - Assistant Properties Jean-Louis Le Bras - Boom Operator Jean-Pierre Lelong - Foley Artist Dominique Lepage - Grip Tim Liehr - Grip Christophe Maratier - Technical Advisor Alain Mougenot - Location Manager John Nollet - Hair Styles Svetlana Novak - Production Assistant Francois Paumard - Additional Photography Christophe Perotin - Second Assistant Camera Yvan Quehec - Electrician Dinah Rauenbusch - Second Assistant Director Pascal Roy - Second Assistant Director Thorston Sabel - Assistant Art Director Isabelle Sauvanon - Publicist Jacques Smerlak - Executive Music Producer Andreas Theiner - Electrician Laurent Thiery - Grip Edouard Valton - Production Supervisor Christophe Vassort - First Assistant Camera Sophie Vermersch - Post Production Assistant Jean-Marie Vives - Matte Painting Supervisor Timo Von Burgsdorf - Electrician Marc Von Kuk - Electrician Anne Wermelinger - Continuity Dagmar Wessel - Assistant Art Director Alexandre Widmer - Dialogue Editor Cast: Audrey Tautou - Amlie Mathieu Kassovitz - Nino Quincampoix Rufus - Raphael Poulain (Amlie's father) Yolande Moreau - Madeleine Wallace Artus de Penguern - Hipolito (the writer) Urbain Cancelier - Collignon (the grocer) Dominique Pinon - Joseph Maurice Benichou - Bretodeau (the box man) Claude Perron - Eva (the strip teaser) Isabelle Nanty - Georgette Claire Maurier - Suzanne Clotilde Mollet - Gina Serge Merlin - Dufayel Jamel Debbouze - Lucien Andr Dussollier - Narrator [Voice] Michel Robin - Old Man Collignon Flora Guiet - Amlie (8 years old) Lorella Cravotta - Amandine Poulain Armelle - Philomene Amaury Babault - Nino (as a child) Jean Darie - The Blind Man Ticky Holgado - The Photo Booth Man Andre Damant - Mrs.Collignon Marc Amyot - The Stranger Frankye Pain - The Newsstand Woman Dominique Bettenfeld - The Screaming Neighbor Eugene Berthier - Eugene Koler Marion Pressburger - Credits Helper Charles-Roger Bour - The Urinal Man Luc Palun - Amandine's Grocer Fabienne Chaudat - Woman in Coma Jacques Viala - The Customer Who Humiliates His Friend Fabien Behar - The Humiliated Customer Jonathan Joss - The Humiliated Customer's Son Jean-Pierre Becker - The Bum Thierry Gibault - The Endive Client Franois Bercovici - His Buddy Guillaume Viry - Dominique Bredoteau Woman Valrie Zarrouk - Bretodeau as a child Marie-Laure Descoureaux - The Dead Man's Concierge Sophie Tellier - Aunt Josette Grald Weingand - The Teacher Francois Viaur - The Bar Owner Paule Dare - His Employee Myriam Labbe - The Tobacco Buyer Robert Gendreu - Caf Patron Julianna Kovacs - Grocer's Client Mady Malroux - Twin Monette Malroux - Twin Valriane De Villeneuve - The Laughing Woman Isis Peyrade - Samantha Raymonde Heudeline - Phantom Train Cashier Christiane Bopp - Woman By The Merry-Go-Round Thierry Arfeuilleres - Statue Man Jerry Lucas - The Sacr-Coeur Boy Patrick Paroux - The Street Prompter Francois Aubineau - The Concierge's Postman Philippe Beautier - Poulain's Postman Rgis Iacono - Felix L' Herbier Frank Olivier Bonnet - Palace Video [Voice] Alain Floret - The Concierge's Husband [Voice] Jean-Pol Brissard - The Postman [Voice] Jacques Thebault - [Voice] Frederic Mitterrand - [Voice] "Az n Mein Kampfom" - ezzel a dolgozattal sokkolja tanrait Danny Vinyard, aki egybknt kivl tanul.

Bretodeau (Maurice Benichou), sending him on a reverie of childhood.

Donald Kimble (Willem Dafoe), a police detective, questions Bateman about the disappearance of Paul Allen (Jared Leto), whom Patrick murdered several days earlier.

As Kimble stays on Bateman's trail, Bateman's mask of studied, distant cool begins to fall apart.

American Psycho also features Reese Witherspoon as Bateman's girlfriend, as well as Samantha Mathis, Chloe Sevigny, and Guinevere Turner; the latter also co-authored the screenplay.

Controversy followed the production from the start, when speculation that Leonardo Di Caprio would play Bateman sparked concerns that he would lure preteens to an R-rated movie.

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